Meet the Club Fiesta team in action…

Our Team



Founder, Principal Choreographer & Instructor

Hala is a wife and a mum of 2, has recently quite her full time job to pursue what she loves the most - fitness and dance! She has been a fitness instructor for 19 years, qualified and trained in various fitness programs. She is very passionate about combining dance with fitness, and loves to spread happiness and health through the classes with an amazing team of instructors!



Head Choreographer & Instructor

Aggie is a mum of 2, a full time nurse and a fitness instructor and choreographer! Her passion for dance and fitness always shows in her classes! Her ball room training background makes her a fabulous mover, she is always very passionate about peoples health and their fitness!



Instructor and nutrition/vegan specialist

Christine is a mum of 3 boys, works full time in the city, and gets her “ me” time by doing Club Fiesta classes! She has a wide knowledge on nutrition and vegan food. She will greet you with the biggest smile when you step in classes!She is very passionate and caring about peoples happiness and health!She has so much energy that always radiates in classes!




Tayla works full time in the city, so she finds that Club Fiesta is her way to have fun and let loose from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You will find her wiggling and giggling both in and out of class! As a former dancer she can’t help but let her passion for dance shine through every movement. With a contagious smile and energy bursting at the seams, her love for fitness spreads wherever she goes!




Donna is a wife, a mum of 2 teenagers, works full time and gets her “ me” time during the classes! She dances with the biggest smile on her face, and emits positive energy and great vibes! She loves to share her passion of music and dance with the community.




Amanda works part time and volunteers at a dog refuge. She is only new to the instructor life, but has been attending fitness classes for at least 5 years and never looked back since. Her passion for dance has developed rapidly and she would love nothing more than to spread this love and enjoyment to others.